Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Post Since Alabama

I'm back!!!!! The truth of the matter is that I completely forgot how to log into my account. Obviously, I really am not that computer literate with the exception of Word.

Amy Dodge-Aebi (I realize that she doesn't hyphenate her name, but I can't help myself). taught me how to log-in and then gave me a brief tutorial of the blogging procedure. Speaking of Amy, I went over to her house to catch up with her today. All of her boys are so cute! John is a little genius! Baby Sam was adorable and so good! I think that he cried once the entire time I was there. Of course I was holding him at the time and promptly handed him over to Amy. He quieted down immediately. I am trying to insert a picture of Amy and Sam, but must be doing something wrong....argh. It keeps putting the picture at the top of the blog. Oh well, I am still learning! I'll figure it out eventually. :)

So, over the next coming weeks I will try to highlight the events in my life since going to visit Kim in Alabama. Stay tuned!

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