Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"The Girls"

A very sandy and happy Sadie

Sadie Swimming in the bay.

Zoe at the beach.

Sadie and Zoe at Bayshore.

Although I don't have any children, I do have "the girls." As most of you already know "the girls" consist of my golden retriever Sadie and my standard poodle Zoe. They are my pride and joy. They go practically everywhere with me and are quite spoiled. I try to take them on at least one fun trip every month. A couple of weekends ago I took them to one of our favorite places - the Bayshore Beach in Waldport. {When I was growing up we had a beach house in Bayshore and going there brings back a lot of fond memories.}

It was a gorgeously sunny day, but it was a little windy. Sadie, in particular, loves the beach. Zoe likes it well enough because she gets to run after sea gulls and meet other dogs, but Sadie absolutely lives for the beach. I think it's because she knows that she gets to do two of her most favorite things - swim and play with her ball. You see, she and I have a routine. I dig a hole in the sand, Sadie sticks her ball in the hole, I cover the hole up with sand, Sadie digs the ball out of the sand and gives it to me, I throw the ball in the water, Sadie swims out and gets the ball, comes back to me and sticks the ball in the hole, I then cover the ball, etc. It's very amusing. You should see her reaction when I break the routine! It's as if she's saying, "what are you doing? That's not how it goes!" One of my favorite things about the beach that we go to is how many sea lions are there to greet us. When Sadie swims out to retrieve her ball, often times there are sea lions popping up around her eyeing her with immense curiousity.


kg said...

Fun pictures! I miss the OR coast!

Julie said...

We used to rent houses in that area of Waldport. It is a nice neighborhood. I Miss the smell of the air and the gorgeous views.

Julie said...

Um, I need to clarify- we used to rent houses for a couple of days in the summer in that area. Those were some of our funnest family trips.