Monday, August 4, 2008

A Great Weekend

Dad at the barbeque.

Mom at the barbeque.

Zoe leaps for joy after chasing a rabbit.

The girls playing.

My mom and dad joined Joey and me for a good old-fashioned bbq at my house on Saturday. After the bbq we went to the art show that was on the courthouse lawn. There are some very talented artists in Corvallis! After trying to convince my parents to come to the Benton County Fair with Joey and me, they declined. My parents are not "fair" people. I think that they would have rather poked needles in their eyes than come to the fair with us. But I am telling you, the fair was AWESOME!!!! It was awesome for two reasons: the lion and the funnel cake. There was a booth that allowed people to hold a baby lion for a mere $10.00!!!!! Of course, I jumped at the chance. Joey and I sat down and they asked who wanted to hold her. Naturally, I raised my hand and Joey pointed to me. She was adorable and a bit wiley. I think that she was getting a little cranky. I held her like a baby and she tried to bite me. I actually wanted her to bite me because how many people can say that they have been bitten by a lion? Alas the helper got to her mouth just milliseconds before the bite. Oh well, maybe next time. After thoroughly washing our hands (I think that Joey did more washing than me even though I was the one holding her), we got the most amazing funnel cake ever. It was delicious. It was a caramel supreme, but we added chocolate. Then there was whipped cream piled on top of it. It was to die for. I completely forgot my camera so I don't have a picture of the funnel cake. A picture of Joey and I with the lion cub was taken by the people at the booth, but I'm not sure how to post a picture that's not on a disk. Any ideas anyone? The bottom two photos were taken Sunday night at the girls favorite park. Zoe loves the dog park as much as Sadie loves the beach.


Julie said...

It's been so long since I saw your family. I can still recognize your Mom. She helped us out with "Blueberries" (Camp Fire). Say Hi to her the next time you talk to her, Okay?!

Mama Nirvana said...

You need a scanner to load a picture that you don't have on your own camera.

I feel sad for that poor tiger. No wonder it was cranky! I've never had a funnel cake but it sounds amazing. I love the fair.